It is often said it’s important to occasionally step outside your comfort zone to give yourself the best chance to learn and grow.

This was a philosophy fully embraced recently by Equilibrium Managing Director, Warren Gibbs, who agreed to jump out of a plane at 14,000 feet to raise much needed funds for Guide Dogs WA.

The Dive for Dogs 2017 fundraising event was an opportunity for 12 intrepid volunteers to raise individual sponsorships, the proceeds of which are used to train a guide dog for a sight impaired West Australian.

According to Guide Dogs WA, it costs around $30,000 to train every guide dog and to-date the Dive for Dogs event has raised over $27,000.

Gibbs said when he was asked to support the event he didn’t hesitate to say yes, although the closer it got the more he wondered if he was barking mad to do so.

“The night before was a sleepless one to put it mildly, however my nerves were soon replaced with adrenaline on the day, and the skydive itself was an incredible rush of excitement.

“A wide range of clients, suppliers, staff, family and friends have supported my fundraising efforts, and I genuinely thank each and everyone of them for supporting me, and such a worthwhile case,” he said.