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We help our clients put their customers first, creating enduring value through exceptional digital products, experiences and performance.

We help our clients put their
customers first, creating enduring
value through exceptional digital
products, experiences and
We help our clients put their
customers first,
creating enduring value
through exceptional digital products,
experiences and performance.
For our clients, enduring value means Enhanced business performance by
enabling growth and creating organisational
Building and maintaining better relationships
with their customers
Increased digital capabilities and maturity,
empowering them to make better business
Keeping pace with changing customer
demands and needs
  • equ really understands our business and we truly work together as a team to achieve our business objectives. The calibre of equ’s team is best in business and is what sets them apart.

    Cath Holzheimer, Head of Sales and Marketing

  • The partnership between ARTRAGE and equ has been nothing short of exceptional. equ has demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and a commitment to delivering a product that exceeds our expectations.

    Sharon Burgess, Chief Executive Officer

Trusted partners

Our client

We collaborate with Western Australia's most recognised brands, helping to solve their most complex digital challenges.

At equ, exceptional means An agency-wide commitment to
delivering work that we’re proud of
A team that is passionate about always
asking, “how can we make it better?”
Achieving the best possible outcome
for our clients and the end-user within the
available budgets and resources
A proactive approach that encourages
clients to think bigger and reach further
Our team

Meet digital's
brightest minds

We are strategists, designers, developers, marketers and consultants who are leaders in our field. Where others see problems, we see possibilities.

  • Cassandra Plemic
    Exceptional means:
    “Performance that goes beyond the expected”

    Cassandra Plemic

    Senior Digital Performance Manager
  • David Whitehouse
    Exceptional means:
    “Standing out from the pack by focusing on quality, effectiveness, and innovation”

    David Whitehouse

    Strategy/UX Design
  • Graeme Heath
    Exceptional means:
    “Digital experiences that are so effective you only focus on the core content and outcomes”

    Graeme Heath

    Senior UX Designer
  • Jess Brown
    Exceptional means:
    “Experiences so effective they seem effortless”

    Jess Brown

    UX/UI Designer
  • Keio Kwan
    Exceptional means:
    “Delivering solutions that provide a simple yet effective user experience”

    Keio Kwan

    Senior Back-end Developer
  • Lee Jordan
    Exceptional means:
    “Creating an interface that both wows and engages users”

    Lee Jordan

    Lead Front-end Developer
  • Paulo Luz
    Exceptional means:
    “Delivering high quality digital products that create real-world value for our clients ”

    Paulo Luz

    Senior Project Manager
  • Ryan Weber
    Exceptional means:
    “Operating like a well-oiled machine to deliver exceptional business results for our clients”

    Ryan Weber

    General Manager
  • Sean Molam
    Exceptional means:
    “Robust, scalable, and easy to adopt technology for those maintaining it in the future”

    Sean Molam

    Technical Director
  • Warren Gibbs
    Exceptional means:
    “Exceeding expectations. Everyone has the potential to be exceptional.”

    Warren Gibbs

    Managing Director
  • Cassandra Holder
    Exceptional means:
    “Being Exceptional is about what you add, not what you consume”

    Cassandra Holder

    Service Desk Coordinator
  • Harry Sankey
    Exceptional means:
    “Leveraging data insights to deliver consistent performance in an ever-evolving digital landscape.”

    Harry Sankey

    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Sarah Pridham
    Exceptional means:
    “Delivering projects on time, within budget, and to specification while exceeding client expectations”

    Sarah Pridham

    Project Manager
  • Claire Aindow
    Exceptional means:
    “Seeing opportunities beyond the immediate question or challenge”

    Claire Aindow

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Gemma Mackenzie
    Exceptional means:
    “Our clients knowing their project is in safe hands”

    Gemma Mackenzie

    Lead Project Manager
  • Jay Sepkus
    Exceptional means:
    “Experiences that are effortless, meet the needs of the user and fill them with delight”

    Jay Sepkus

    Senior Front-end Developer
  • Josh Collins
    Exceptional means:
    “Approaching our clients business as if it were our own”

    Josh Collins

    Senior Account Manager
  • Kirsty Soulsby
    Exceptional means:
    “Ensuring that the technical solution is robust, scalable, and easy to adopt for those who will work on it in the future”

    Kirsty Soulsby

    Senior Back End Developer
  • Mark Scarparolo
    Exceptional means:
    “Designing experiences above and beyond the expected outcome”

    Mark Scarparolo

    Lead UI Designer
  • Robert Gillman
    Exceptional means:
    “Bridging the gap between design, technology and imagination”

    Robert Gillman

    Senior Front-end Developer
  • Scott Forrest
    Exceptional means:
    “Blending data-driven insights with innovation to create unforgettable experiences”

    Scott Forrest

    Head of Digital Marketing
  • Stephen Dodge
    Exceptional means:
    “The continuous pursuit of better. Better quality, better performance and better experiences”

    Stephen Dodge

    Chief Growth Officer
  • Matthew Staroste
    Exceptional means:
    “Being on the bleeding edge of what's possible”

    Matthew Staroste

    Senior Account Manager
  • Douglas Lemos
    Exceptional means:
    “Innovative human-centric experiences that drive behavioral change and deliver optimal value”

    Douglas Lemos

    Digital Experience Lead
  • Kati Robertson
    Exceptional means:
    “Delivering projects in a manner that goes beyond the standard and keeps both the client and the team happy”

    Kati Robertson

    Project Manager
  • John Conigliaro
    Exceptional means:
    “Excellence is about getting extraordinary results and a sustainable long term growth”

    John Conigliaro

    Performance Marketing Manager

Sound like you?

See current vacancies

Sound like you?

See current vacancies
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We encourage our
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25+ years of
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Think bigger, reach further

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