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A global player

Woodside is Australia's largest independent oil and gas company, and is undergoing a period of transition as it emerges as a global player. The company is evolving from an exploration and production company with a challenger mindset, to an organisation that is embracing innovative energy solutions, technology and sustainable operations. Woodside approached Equilibrium to effectively communicate this evolution and help drive engagement across its most important digital asset - its website.

An agile approach

We undertook an extensive research phase to understand Woodside's business requirements and audience perspectives, including from investors, the media, suppliers, local communities and job seekers. Armed with insights we iteratively prototyped and tested concepts, ensuring clarity and confidence in the strategy.

An agile approach

A visual narrative

Our research identified the need to provide audiences with rich content that offered insights into Woodside's people, culture and workplace. We anchored video to the top of key pages to drive audience engagement and offer users behind-the-scenes perspectives on one of Australia's most successful organisations.

visual narrative

Project snapshots

A major factor in the success of the website was ensuring the breadth and scope of Woodside's operations and projects were quickly and effectively communicated.

We implemented snapshot information, including infographics, key stats and video to demonstrate the scale of key projects. An interactive map was also integrated, with project details and mapping data retrieved from Woodside's internal mapping systems.

Project snapshots

Sustainability commitment

Woodside is 100% committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To communicate this, we developed an interactive chart allowing users to explore the actions Woodside is taking to meet this commitment.

Community engagement

Woodside is a significant contributor to the communities in which it operates. The website includes a collection of stories which inform audiences on Woodside's important social responsibility activities.

We also integrated a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram Feed, allowing users to explore and filter social channels without leaving the website.

Community engagement

An enterprise solution

The website was developed using Sitefinity enterprise and hosted on Amazon Web Services with scalable infrastructure. The system has been configured to anonymously profile and track user behaviour for content personalisation purposes.

Progress SitefinityAmazon Web Services

Keeping shareholders informed

As well as educating audiences about Woodside's operations, the website needed to act as a central resource for prospective and current shareholders. We introduced real-time share price feeds, performance charts, and real-time ASX announcements and reports.

Keeping shareholders informed

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