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National Energy Resources Australia (NERA)

NERA, one of six (6) Federal Government funded industry growth centres, within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, was established to help the Australian energy resources sector deliver maximum value to the national economy through improved collaboration and innovation.

Volatile commodity prices and a rapidly growing energy market, means the Australian resources industry is under unprecedented pressure. An increasingly complex regulatory environment, diminishing energy security and changing expectations from society means the $60 billion export market, supporting businesses and jobs, is at risk.

The objective

Equilibrium was appointed to create awareness of the grants and drive an increase in eligible applications to NERA's $15 million Project Fund. Low awareness of the initiative meant there was an extremely low application rate seeking access of up to $3 million in matched funding available to address one or more of the priorities identified in the NERA Sector Competitiveness Plan.

The objective

Building awareness

Equilibrium sought to resolve low awareness of the Project Fund by developing a highly engaging 3D animation explaining the context and rationale of the funding opportunities available to relevant industries.

Reaching the right audience

A digital marketing campaign strategically targeting key roles within industry was developed using unique profiles and matching them across Australian Financial Review data, Linkedin and programmatic display channels. Relevant audience traffic was then driven to a landing page where the prospect's data would be captured and segmented for relevant follow-up action.

Underpinned by a combination of Roy Morgan data as well as Linkedin's own advanced targeting functionality, the campaign sought to effectively reach the key decision-makers responsible for driving the full application process.

Self-qualification process

Due to the strict eligibility criteria of the funding, and the need to ensure non-eligible prospects were minimized, Equilibrium devised a dynamic self-qualification tool ensuring leads were accurately identified against pre-determined criteria. Once the leads had been segmented, NERA was able to nurture them with relevant information and consultation in an effort to generate eligible applications.



After checking your eligibility, express your interest by completing a NERA Project Fund application.



The NERA Board will review recommendations and either approve or decline funding applications. Successful applicants will be notified.



Funding is awarded on a milestone basis, as set out in the successful applicant's Project Funding Agreement with NERA.


The campaign converted a total of 143 applications at a cost of less than $100 per conversion. This was deemed to be highly successful due to the specific nature of the eligibility criteria.


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