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Providing high quality, safe and reliable power to the community

Horizon Power is a State Government-owned, commercially-focused corporation that provides high quality, safe and reliable power to about 100,000 residents and 10,000 businesses, including major industry, across regional and remote Western Australia. Equilibrium has been working with Horizon Power since successfully redeveloping the organisation's corporate website. Following this implementation we are now responsible for developing and executing Horizon Power's holistic digital marketing strategy, including search and digital campaigns.

An Australian first

Given the seismic shift energy consumption technology, Horizon Power are currently transforming their business to become more digitally focused. Based on our track record with digital transformation projects, Horizon approached Equilibrium to develop an Australian-first research pilot, designed to change the way Horizon Power customers consume electricity.

Power Ahead

The innovative pilot, called Power Ahead, is a behaviour change program aimed at reducing the load on Horizon Power's energy grid, by incentivising participants for decreasing their energy use during peak periods. The program is based around an Equilibrium-developed app for iOS and Android, which allows participants to keep track of their energy use during peak periods and provides notifications when they are in danger of exceeding their assigned 'cap'.

Outcome focused

Equilibrium worked closely with the Horizon Power project team and key stakeholders to define the strategic approach and implement a robust creative and technical solution, which addresses the key objectives of the pilot, which were:


Attract the interest of Port Hedland residents via an integrated advertising campaign, consisting of local press, radio, digital display banners, shopping centre displays and promotions.

Drive registrations

Via an engaging landing page and an intuitive, user-friendly registration form.

Capture data

A multi-step pre-pilot and post-pilot survey, as well as the set-up of in-depth analytics on the App, to ensure Horizon Power has rich data that will inform the evolution of the program.

A positive experience

Ensure a positive user experience throughout the pilot through the well-designed, and thoroughly tested App.

Feature rich

The app itself included numerous features such as:

  • Real-time tracking

    Real-time tracking of customer's energy use at home and at work.

  • Multiple accounts

    Customers can easily switch between home and business accounts.

  • Notifications

    The app provides real-time feedback and notifications whether users were exceeding their energy cap and at risk of losing their incentive.

  • Invite users

    Customers can invite other residents of their home to use the app to help manage household electricity consumption.

  • Hints and tips

    The app provides real-time feedback and notifications whether users were exceeding their energy cap and at risk of losing their incentive.

  • Smart integration

    The app included sophisticated integration to the customer's smart meter at their home or business.

  • Incentives balance

    The app featured a 'balance' sheet to see how customers incentives were tracking.

Recruitment campaign

Horizon Power aimed to recruit and activate eligible businesses and residents to pilot the project. Equilibrium developed a social media recruitment campaign targeting the area of Port Hedland. We developed a series of animated videos to run via Facebook to engage and attract registrations as well as also targeting them in local shopping centres where we developed an intuitive touch screen registration form allowing residents to register on the spot. We developed a targeted display advertising strategy run across the Google Display network.


A total of 392 residents and businesses were recruited and used the app on a daily basis, earning themselves bill credits between $100 and $3,200. Most participants made genuine changes to how and when they used electricity and shifted their electricity use off-peak, with a number of participants being able to reduce their peak electricity use by over 20%.

392 Business and residential users
20% Reduction in electricity use during peak periods

The success of the pilot program let to a second phase rollout to Port Hedland as well the township of Broome. Equilibrium again worked closely with Horizon Power’s development team to implement an API driven plan recommendation tool. Given the complex nature of the new MyPower plans, there was a need to simplify the process for customers. The recommendation tool allowed the user to enter their account details in order to be presented with an appropriate MyPower plan based on their previous electricity usage behaviour. After launching the tool, the process underwent a number of months of testing and improvement as we learned from the website analytics and Horizon Power’s customer data, in order to further optimise the process and improve sign-up rates.

My Power

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