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A modern and innovative website for a modern and innovative port

Fremantle Port is a WA Government trading enterprise that strategically manages the Port of Fremantle. The port is the State's biggest general cargo port, and Australia's fourth largest, responsible for $28B worth of trade annually. Fremantle Ports is critical to the success of the WA economy.

Hamstrung by an outdated legacy website, Equilibrium was approached to implement a new strategy and enterprise-level Content Management System enabling Fremantle Ports to better facilitate communication with the commercial shipping and cargo industries.

Built for the shipping industry.

The website was designed to cater to the Commercial and Passenger Shipping industries as well as general interest groups. The website showcases the Port's world-class facilities whilst preserving its extensive history and demonstrating its importance to the WA economy. Critically, the primary objective of the website was to provide information assisting ships visiting the port, enabling a safe and efficient entry and exit to and from the harbour.

Fremantle Ports Website

Understanding user needs

We commenced the project with an extensive research and strategy phase, undertaking both qualitative and quantitative research with Fremantle Ports' diverse audience, including tenants and local business, the shipping industry and local residents. This enabled our strategy team to unearth substantial insights, pain points and opportunities to inform our approach.

Two websites

Two websites

Fremantle Ports owns and operates the Victoria Quay commercial and retail precinct. We were tasked with developing a separate website specific to the Quay's unique objectives.

One platform

One platform

Both the Fremantle Ports and Victoria Quay websites were developed using a single Sitefinity CMS, enabling staff to manage both websites from a central platform.

Real-time weather integration

A critical component of the website was providing real-tide, wind, wave and meteorological information to help safely assist a ship's journey into port. We worked extensively with Weatherzone, integrating the website into their data centre to create an interactive dashboard providing critical weather information in Fremantle Ports Inner and Outer Harbour's.

360° live web cams

One of the more innovative website features was the implementation of two 360 degree live web cams. The cams offer HD panoramic views from a 50m high platform enabling ships to monitor the ports' berth and shipping movements, helping plan their movement into and out of the port.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map

An interactive map was developed allowing patrons and the shipping industry to explore and navigate the port and its facilities. The map was optimised for mobile, ensuring a great experience for visitors using the map at the port itself.

Keeping the Public Informed

Keeping the public informed

We developed a real-time news and announcements feed informing the general public of current and upcoming activity within the port, such as closures roads and public fishing areas.

Internal Efficiencies

Internal efficiencies

We developed an escort application form that allows shipping organisations to apply for access to unauthorised secure areas of the port. The form integrates with Fremantle Ports' internal systems vastly reducing processing time.

Equilibrium's strengths in delivering two amazing websites for us were the comprehensive consultation process, the attention to detail, the enthusiasm for producing the great functionality and interactivity, the strong design process for each of the websites, and the support throughout the whole development. Fremantle Ports External Affairs Manager, Jeanette Murray

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