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How we enabled health professionals to upskill at their own pace.

The Department of Health engaged Equilibrium to develop an eLearning system aimed at health students and practicing health professionals. The Department wanted to encourage their diverse team to develop an understanding of interprofessional learning (IPL) and interprofessional practice (IPP) as part of a continuous improvement program. We developed an intuitive platform that could be easily embraced by any health worker, whether they were beginning their careers or were experienced senior clinicians.

The approach

Equilibrium developed the eLearning system as an interactive website. The online course consists of six modules.

Problem-based learning

Problem-based learning

The approach utilises problem-based learning scenarios that encompass some challenging patients that clinicians could expect to encounter as part of their practice. The modules are designed with the intention of developing communication, collaboration and problem-solving between health professionals in the workplace.


Learning on-demand

The course is individualised and self-directed and can be completed as a whole training package, or in separate modules. After the completion of each module, users can download a certificate of completion which can be used as part of professional development portfolios.

Completing Modules

Completing modules

Each module contains learning activities, reflection activities, and a multiple-choice test at the end. At the completion of each module, users must achieve a minimum of 80% in the test to be eligible for a certificate of completion. Each test can be repeated as many times as required, and the most recent result accounts as the user's final score.

Prototype and test

To ensure an excellent user experience, a comprehensive strategy and user testing phase was undertaken. As part of this phase, Equilibrium developed full interactive prototype wireframes for testing. Prototyping allowed our strategy team, the Department of Health WA, and project partner Edith Cowan University to conduct initial usability and navigation testing prior to the actual design and build of the package. This ensured any usability roadblocks or issues were addressed at an early stage.

Leading edge technology

The site uses innovative technologies to develop the intuitive user experience. The package was built using a combination of the Angular JS framework and HTML 5, allowing users to transition between module activities quickly and seamlessly. The site was also based on the SCROM eLearning framework, which will allow the site to be ported into other eLearning packages if required in the future.

Leading edge technology


Following a successful launch, the site received industry recognition winning Best WA Education Website at the Australian Web Awards.

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