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User interface design goes hand-in-hand with user experience design.

It provides your customers with a website that’s designed with their needs in mind, while helping your bottom line by focusing on a wide range of business metrics such as user productivity, user retention, and customer loyalty. Our UI designers will work with you to ensure your site works to its full capability, providing a simple user pathway that hits your business targets, and delivers a memorable customer experience.

Design workshops

Our UI team undertake in-depth workshops with you and your end-users to determine what needs features will deliver an optimal digital experience.

Complete UI toolkit

We develop a complete UI toolkit to ensure consistency across all your digital assets, to ensure your website has a unified brand direction. UI toolkits also allow design teams to create rapid prototypes helping to get products to market quicker.

Optimised user journey

Our user experience team collaborate with you and your end-users to ensure that the customer journey is fully mapped, enabling you to understand the motivation behind user behaviour, and that all digital touchpoints have been considered.

Understanding your customer delivers improved conversion rates

Well-created user interface design provides a memorable, engaging on-site experience for your customers. It translates their needs into a visually pleasing, easy-to-use website, that enables your customers to engage with your brand at the touch-points they choose.

Great user interface design provides a website that drives customer loyalty. Equilibrium undertakes a collaborative approach to help you achieve this, working with you to map out the complete experience for your end-user. Together we create a design that removes any barriers to action for your customer, and provides a streamlined on-site experience.


What you get

  • Mood boards

  • Digital style guide

  • UI toolkit

  • UI designs

  • User flow diagrams

We create websites that draw your customer’s attention towards the correct user pathway, and deliver a digital experience that suits their on-site needs. This optimised user interface will catch and keep your customers’ interest while they access your site, and provide them with the positive brand experience that your customer expects from your online presence.

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