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Whether they know it or not, your customers want your website to be an experience

When customers access your website their expectations are simple: they expect a site that’s easy to use. In order to deliver this, it’s critical for businesses to understand how their users interact with the site, and the journey they take while they’re on there. Understanding how to manage your user’s experience allows you to create an intuitive, easy-to-use site, which works to take your audience from simply being your customers, and turns them into brand advocates.

CX discovery

We complete a thorough review of all your customer research, and undertake hands-on Customer Experience workshops to determine your user’s core needs, behaviours, and motivations. We use this to begin building a smoother on-site journey.

CX mapping

We map out all the individual touchpoints your brand has with your customer. This enables us to visually articulate your customer’s journey, identifying their key points of contact with you, and the actions they should take at each of these points.

Digital journey mapping

A deep dive into your customer’s digital journey to plan the optimum way to navigate your site. This allows us to create the right touchpoints that will deliver an improved user experience.

Give your customers a digital experience to remember

Understanding why customers access your site, what they expect, and what they want to achieve before you begin your UX and UI allows you to create your website with robust strategic intent. This lays the groundwork for a digital experience that’s built specifically to meet your customer needs.

Completion of the CX mapping process builds a vivid picture of your customer’s wants, needs, and behaviours, and these inform how your digital experience integrates with the customer journey. This enables you to deliver a more targeted, more enjoyable digital experience for your customer.


What you get

  • CX discovery workshop

  • Insights summary report

  • CX mapping workshop

  • Customer journey blueprint

  • Digital journey mapping

Understanding and optimising your customers' digital experience is key to building a more engaging, accessible website, improving customer loyalty, and generating word-of-mouth advocacy about the positive experiences your customers have had on your site, which results in increased traffic and greater digital engagement, and drives business growth.

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