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Everything we do at Equilibrium is driven by data

Our user research methods help businesses understand more than just customers wants, but also their behaviours, motivations, barriers to action, digital needs, and challenges online. Equilibrium helps brands gather the right data to create a holistic, engaging digital experience for their audience.

By the numbers

We undertake a full quantitative review of your website’s analytics, analysing the customer’s most-used keywords, tracking their clicks, and using this to determine what they engage with most on your site. This delivers a comprehensive customer journey that identifies pain points and barriers to engagement.

First-hand experience

We undertake one-on-one or group interviews with your customers, and use in-depth surveys to gain a holistic picture of their specific behaviours and needs. Specialist screen and face recording software captures your audience’s on-site navigation habits, creating a detailed record of how customers experience your website.

User testing

A cross-section of your audience is engaged to test a prototype of your new site, to ensure they’re receiving an optimal digital brand experience. These results are then used to refine the prototype, which is tested again on a second set of users to ensure consistency throughout the digital journey.

The value of truly good data

Equilibrium collects data that helps businesses understand their customer’s thought process when using your site, and use this to create a solution that meets their needs now, and for the future.

Utilising a cross-functional team ensures we gather the insights businesses need to drive UX, UI, IA, and uncover all the key pieces of your customer experience puzzle. We then combine this data to create an engaging, user-centric digital experience that aligns with your business goals and KPIs.


What you get

  • Research plan and review

  • Customer and client interviews

  • User behaviour analysis

  • Customer journey maps

  • Competitive and heuristic reviews

Robust user research delivers in-depth insights into what audiences actually think, and want, and allows you to make more accurate decisions across your digital experience. This enables businesses to understand their customers in more detail, and create a website that’s optimised to meet their online needs.

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