An innovative online platform that engaged school leavers and got them thinking about their future.

The appointment centred around bringing in a respected digital partner to work with the university, and other creative agencies, to conceive and execute a range of online engagement opportunities designed to build attention to the Murdoch brand, and capture qualified enrolment leads, for further nurturing, and ultimately converting them, and increase university enrolment numbers.

Free your Think Campaign

The ‘Free Your Think’ campaign was conceived by Murdoch’s lead creative agency, JWT, and centred on the proposition that everyone possesses his or her own unique ideas, thoughts and perspectives. In other words this is their own unique ‘Think’, presented as a noun, rather than a verb, to provide greater intrigue and audience cut-through.

Murdoch was positioned as the university best equipped to ‘Free Your Think’, and ensure it was given the opportunity to reach to its fullest potential.

The Online Think Generator

The Think Generator online activation tool was conceived and designed by Equilibrium to engage prospective school leaver prospects, and build awareness of Murdoch University’s Student Open Day, occurring in July, 2017.

The campaign mechanic centred on a custom developed landing page, which was designed to engage students and capture key information to build lead lists and drive further acquisition nurturing.

Unique Digital Engagement

The key engagement of the site involved the generation of a unique visual ‘Think’, a customised fun typographical image that was conceptually aligned to a particular personality type, based on the specific answers given to a fun, online quiz.

Once completed, the individual Think graphic was emailed to the prospective student and contained personalised information around Open Day activities which were aligned to their identified areas of interest.

Onsite Activation

The online engagement was extended to feed into a fun activation event carried out during the open day.

In partnership with radio station 92.9, prospective students were encouraged to attend Murdoch Open Day, and visit a pop-up photo booth and have a ‘selfie’ photograph taken with their own ‘Think’ graphic as a unique, customised background.

This action also became their entry into a competition to win a VIP Perth Arena Experience for them and a friend, but more important provided engaging visual content to further share throughout social networks, and further promote the university to key audiences.


Over 1400 prospective students engaged with Murdoch’s online ‘Think Generator’ campaign, vastly exceeding a pre-determined KPI, and providing the university’s recruitment team with a list of qualified list of potential prospects for 2018 enrolments.

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