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With the exponential growth of marketing technology, the challenge is sifting through the sheer abundance of marketing channels available to businesses.

Equilibrium partners with our clients to navigate this ever-growing ecosystem, and determine the platforms that are designed to deliver on your business requirements. Our goal is to streamline your marketing processes, and optimise your customer experience.

Requirements workshops

We review your current practices and platforms in an engaging workshop that extracts and prioritises all the technology needs and requirements of your marketing team.

Feature mapping

We map out the features your technology needs to match your business requirements. This acts as a base that allows for the audit of multiple technologies.

Determine an improved toolkit

Feature mapping identifies the tools that will best deliver on your business requirements. We help you understand the capabilities of this new toolkit, and provide teaching to ensure your expert knowledge of each new platform.

Usability testing and training

Creation of a sandbox environment to provide your marketing team with offline training and testing of this new toolkit.

Enhance and integrate

We craft custom features and simple API integrations that meet your unique requirements, and then integrate these with your existing platforms.

QA and reporting

Equilibrium provides ongoing technical support to ensure any questions are answered, and all technology and system integrations continue to operate efficiently.

A more focussed marketing experience

Equilibrium provides marketing technology to unify our clients’ digital marketing functionality across a central platform, streamlining the way the business manages, analyses, and optimises their campaigns. Our process provides a framework that allows our clients’ marketing teams to evaluate new technologies and precisely target the ones that will deliver the best ROI for the business.

This new technology enables our clients to create new experiences for their customers that improve engagement across a variety of new—and importantly, relevant—platforms. This allows them to capitalise on previously unused technology, resulting in increased value of marketing touchpoints, delivering better value for the business.


What you get

  • Requirements gathering workshops

  • Feature mapping

  • New marketing tools and technology

  • Usability testing and training

  • Support and reporting

Our expert consultants support our clients in navigating the rapidly changing technology space, by building marketing technology stacks that meet our clients’ practical and strategic business needs. Whether it’s driving media efficiency, creating more personalised messages, or analysing audience behaviour, our team ensures your technology stack is consistently leveraged to its greatest potential.

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