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Data-driven content strategy is key to improving connections with your audience, and eliminating any trial and error or irrelevant content.

By creating a well-aligned data-driven strategy, businesses capture the data that’s relevant to their objectives and goals, which accurately informs marketing strategy and messages, enabling the personalisation of content to specific audience groups.

Understand your customers

We create processes for our clients that enable targeted collection of user data, and the creation of specific customer persona groups for improved marketing accuracy. This improves understanding of our clients’ unique audiences, their motivations, and results in an improved customer digital experience.

Content strategy

Our data-driven content strategy fuses data and creativity, ensuring every new piece of content our clients produce is tailored directly to their specific customer segments, and is optimised to achieve their KPIs.

Meet their evolving needs

Your customers’ needs are continually evolving, so we provide our clients with ongoing content strategy reports to assist in the marketing planning cycles, and ensure your research remains relevant.

Engage customers with precision

Without the right data informing your content strategy, there is no accurate measure to confirm that the content your business creates is having an impact on your audience. Setting specific targets for the nature of data to be gathered, and using this data to inform your digital engagement strategy, enables businesses to engage their customers in an accurate, relevant way.

Data-driven content strategy provides businesses with precision. Using accurate data, based on the right metrics gives your marketing a purpose. Our data-driven content strategy delivers an accurate content creation framework, which enables our clients to produce targeted content and marketing activities that provide value and improves engagement with your customers, and provides measurable results to inform future engagement.


What you get

  • User behaviour analysis

  • Keyword research

  • Persona mapping

  • Content strategy

  • Targeted copywriting

We provide the framework that dives deep into your customers’ behaviour and motivations, and delivers data that informs smarter, targeted content creation and digital engagement activities. We enable your business to leverage seasonal search metrics to produce the right content at the right times, ensuring your customers receive an optimal digital engagement experience, and positions your brand at the forefront of your field.

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