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Understanding your data

Really understanding your data allows you to unlock the potential of personalisation for your site, so you can build tailored, 1:1 relationships with your customers. Understanding them means you can create value at every point of contact with your customer, and allows you to see the lifetime value of a relationship with them. This is what KPI and measurement strategy will do for you.

Setting measurement goals

We identify the key performance indicators that will be used to report success back to your business. These are then mapped against the customer journey and any gaps in measurement identified.

Creating the framework

This is a digital roadmap that ensures all the decisions made for your website are based on reliable, relevant metrics, linked to your overarching business strategy.

Identifying the requirements

Identification of the tracking, reporting, and ROI requirements that allows your organisation to communicate and share data effectively.


Analysing the historic contribution to KPIs and ROI allows our team to set benchmarks that prove causal relationships between the digital experience and your business’ success.

Planning for measurement

The measurement plan determines the primary and secondary measures of success for your business’ digital roadmap, and highlights the tracking requirements along the customer journey.


A communications process is developed to ensure all marketing stakeholders are talking and working together, and to demonstrate the value of communicating data between departments.

We help you stay on course

Understanding your data means you can use it to your full advantage. You’re able to take your key metrics and user insights and manage them in a way that helps steer your business make decisions. You’ll be able to keep improving your customers' experience with your brand, so you can keep your business on track for success.

This process enables you to plan out these touchpoints, set achievable goals, measure the result of these relationships as you go, and adjust as needed, allowing you to make the most out of your marketing budget and maximise your ROI.


What you get

  • KPI and Measurement

  • Digital Analytics and KPI Framework

  • Measurement gap analysis

  • Robust measurement plan

  • Attribution recommendation

Our KPI and measurement strategy means you have clear, defined targets to work towards. And that’s a wonderful thing. You get alignment on your marketing goals, and measurements for your success so you can be sure your strategy is keeping on track. Your customers’ experience is improved, and you get peace of mind that you’re engaging them the right way.

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