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Data visualisation

Data visualisation helps you take vast amounts of data (boring or otherwise) and visualise it in a way that’s interesting, engaging, and makes sense to your audience and stakeholders. This enables you to create meaningful, data-driven content that people actually want to see, and gives you the insight to quickly adapt to emerging trends in a fast-paced market.

Reporting review

We provide a short review of your existing marketing, visualisations, and sales reports to ensure we’ve identified all the important information and metrics you need.

Visualisation audit

We audit your existing visualisation and tell you what’s working, what’s not, and where we can help you create visuals that stand out.

Reporting recommendations

We recommend the reporting formats that best suit your different stakeholder groups, and identify any relevant API integrations within your chosen platform.

Dashboard creation

Creation of a Google Data Studio dashboard (or for your chosen visualisation platform) that brings your data visualisations to life.

User training

We provide training so your users understand how to operate and understand your new data visualisation system.

Platform agnostic

We work across Google Data Studio, Tableau, Datorama, DashThis, and any other visualisation platform you might use.

Make your data truly engaging

Our user-centric design process puts your data front and centre, allowing you to create visual reports that communicate the performance of your digital presence to your key stakeholders in a compelling, visual, and easy-to-understand way.

Engaging data visualisation provides an experience that your audience actually takes interesting in. This form of data storytelling enables you to deliver data, trends, and insights in a way that catches your audience’s attention, with clear markers indicating exactly what they need to know. We work with you across any visualisation platforms you might use, enabling you to deliver data simply, while maximising the value of your delivery.


What you get

  • Reporting review

  • Visualisation requirements

  • Visualisation wireframes

  • Data visualisation creation

  • Data visualisation optimisation

Engaging data visualisation is key to faster, more agile reporting. Equilibrium can help you create visualisations that highlight trends quickly, and deliver important information to your stakeholders and customers in an interactive, meaningful way.

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