We are a strategically-led digital agency.

Equilibrium helps organisations to consider the big picture and look at digital communications holistically. We develop strategies for clients that bring their online activities and technologies cohesively together in ways that matter to customers and stakeholders.

We act as your strategic partner, helping to solve business problems with innovation and giving your organization a competitive advantage through digital maturity.

Source: Forrester 2016
Only 11% of companies assess their digital strategy as "excellent".

Digital strategy

To deliver meaningful results and maximise your investment, we believe a strategy-first approach is critical. At the start of any digital project, Equilibrium conducts a structured strategy process which provides a clear view of where your organisation currently sits, where the opportunities are, and how your digital requirements can be strategically executed.

User research

Our strategy team is highly experienced in user research to help define your users, understand their goals, context and behaviours, and identify any issues and pain points with your digital platforms. We use several research methods such as surveys, analytics and screen capture tools, 1-on-1 user interviews and end-user usability testing.

Digital maturity auditing

Technology is rapidly becoming the fuel that drives marketing strategy and implementation. Equilibrium helps gauge an organisation’s digital maturity by evaluating marketing technology adoption and comparing with industry benchmarks. We look at what platforms you’re using and how they integrate with other systems and your organisation itself. We identify any gaps and provide improvement strategies for you to harness the power of digital to deliver results.

Landscape analysis

In order to decide a future direction for your digital strategy, we need to understand your digital landscape. We investigate how and where the market is moving, what the trends are, and how your organisation can capitalise on opportunities. Our process includes comprehensive competitor analysis, auditing your existing digital activities and channels, and investigating analytics and other available metrics.

Stakeholder management

We are highly experienced in stakeholder and client management. We typically facilitate communication between your organisation’s various teams and drive the project agenda in structured phases. Our strategists are confident and experienced presenters, ensuring digital strategies are being clearly articulated and achieving buy-in from all levels of your organisation.