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Collecting accurate data allows the right story to be told.

At Equilibrium, we help businesses create a holistic reporting framework that delivers deep insights and information to guide business strategy, and drive daily decision-making.

Setting goals

Aug 12, 2019, 15:57 PM
We help you implement new goals and events in Google Analytics, and ensure they’re tied back to your over-arching KPI framework and digital measurement plan.
Title : Setting goals
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Get the right data to power your brand

We help you bring your data strategies to life, using analytics reconfiguration, tagging governance, and Tag Manager implementations. And we don’t stop there — we’ll make sure you know how to make the most of your data, with in-depth training to make you an expert at your new highly-tuned analytics platform.

Our analytics specialists work with you to ensure a thorough understanding of what Google Analytics can do for your business, enabling the creation of insightful reporting that informs greater business decisions and powers your strategies.


What you get

  • Analytics and configuration

  • Analytics and tagging governance

  • Tag manager implementation

  • Post-launch testing

  • Thorough training

We implement accurate data collection, to ensure you’re capturing the information that informs the right business decisions. With our training, and your brand new analytics platform, businesses are empowered to dive deep into their customer data, and gather insights that inform and transform future audience experiences.

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