What I do at Equilibrium

My role is to understand the objectives and needs of client’s businesses and work closely with both them, and my internal teams, to formulate and implement strategic, creative and technical solutions that help drive their business forward.

The best thing about my job

It’s such a diverse role that there’s really no one thing I can pin point. I love working with clever and interesting people and I enjoy gaining an understanding of what makes organisations tick. It’s also really satisfying to play a role in their success.

My career highlight, so far

I’ve had a few highlights that I’m really proud of. A big one was from my days in Sydney where I was involved in the Australian launch of MasterCard’s PayPass product. The most recent would be a large scale website we developed for Department of Transport, for their ‘Your Move’ behaviour change project. The project had a 12 month timeline including highly involved strategy, user testing, design and development phases. The complexity, diversity and subsequent success is what has made it so rewarding.

The piece of work I wish I’d done

Thinking locally, I love the work RAC has been doing over the few years to keep their brand relevant. Aside from the recent Intellibus Self Driving Car, the main campaign that springs to mind is the ‘Attention Powered Car’ from 2013. They tapped into a solid insight about drivers being easily distracted and found really interesting ways of demonstrating it across both offline and digital channels.

Where to find me when I’m not in the office

Walking my dog, or enjoying good food and drinks, likely somewhere near a beach.

My most favourite song, ever

Very hard question to answer! I can narrow it down to three: Radiohead’s Lotus Flower, The Seed 2.0 by The Roots and Lateralus by Tool.