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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Equilibrium have a COVID-19 workplace policy?

Yes, we’re focused on doing everything within our power to ensure the health and safety of our team, clients and business partners.

That’s why we put together a policy to:

  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace;
  • Sustain operational continuity and provide assurance to our clients;
  • Encourage an ethos of open communications and concern for the wellbeing of our staff

Does Equilibrium have a COVID-19 business continuity plan?

Yes. Equilibrium maintains cloud-based systems and long-standing processes, developed to enable remote working by our employees, and remote access by our clients. These systems and processes are robust, form part of our normal working methods, and have been tested in terms of our ability to provide continuity and support to our clients. 

Projects are managed using a cloud-based Atlassian Jira system, which has a client as well as Equilibrium internal team access. All team resources are scheduled, trafficked and tracked using a cloud-based Deltek Workbook system. 


I have a meeting scheduled with Equilibrium. What should I do?

Although we’d love to see you, there is a social/public health responsibility for organisations who can adopt social distancing practices to do so. As a result, we’ll be moving our meetings to video via Google Meet - a free and easy to use the video meeting system.

How to use Google Meet


Can Equilibrium help with COVID-19 messaging for our clients/customers?

Yes! We have UI/UX designers and developers on hand to help clients create usable, practical communications for customers in a variety of different digital formats.


Our website is struggling due to increased traffic 

If you’re expecting or experiencing increased server load we can help with scaling hosting capacity concerns.


What’s the best way to contact Equilibrium?

Phone - If you currently contact your Account Manager via their mobile, you can continue to do so. As our usual landlines utilise an internet-based VOIP system, we are currently making arrangements with our service provider to enable the software to simply redirect, without any interruption.

Other - All other methods of communication in terms of logging Jira tickets through our service desk and emailing your Account Manager will remain exactly the same.


How will you keep communication open?

Internally - We’ll be using our internal communications tools, including Slack, Google Meet and email, to keep an open line of communication between staff to maintain business continuity and update employees on the latest developments.

Externally - Clients will still be able to contact Equilibrium employees via the usual channels (phone, Basecamp & email) with the only change coming from the move of meetings from in-office to online via Google Meet. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Can I still access support?

If you’re a client who requires technical support, the usual processes are in place - simply raise a ticket through our Jira service desk. This is our preferred method as it enables us to simply and quickly provide the information directly to the team member(s) required.

If using Jira is a problem for you, communicate directly with your Account Manager as normal.


How will Equilibrium collaborate amongst teams?

Secure web-enabled communications are enabled via Slack, document tracking and sharing are supported by the full Google Cloud suite. Our co-design approach is underpinned by the use of collaborative tools such as Miro and Figma.

We support a number of communication solutions to ensure our ability to deliver projects and provide ongoing support. These include conducting meetings and facilitating workshops via video and teleconferencing, and utilising interactive tools.

For example, Miro provides tools to facilitate interactive workshops using electronic sticky notes.


Let's work together

During these turbulent times, it’s natural to have a lot of questions and concerns about the effect COVID-19 may have on your business. If you'd like to talk about how we can help, please email us at