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The University of Western Australia: Pitch the course of the future

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In June 2015 Equilibrium presented The University of Western Australia (UWA) with a concept for a social media competition geared toward an international student audience and feeding into the University's high profile 'Pursue the Impossible' proposition.

The competition, titled Pitch the course of the future, asked students from around the world to submit a two-minute video detailing an original course idea for inclusion in tertiary study of the future.

The winner, as determined by a panel of judges, received a $10,000 travel scholarship to explore their concept alongside the world's best academics and experts in the relevant field.

Led by Equilibrium's strategy team, the agency designed and implemented a campaign site to house the competition; a challenging exercise in and of itself because of the demands of engaging a diverse global audience.

As most people are probably aware, all social platforms aren't universal as such there were some countries where the campaign's main platforms, Facebook and YouTube, were prohibited. As a result, the team had to work to integrate all similar international versions of these platforms to ensure even accessibility for entrants, no matter where they were from.

In addition to the campaign site design, Equilibrium developed a suite of digital banners, EDM templates and pre-rolls to promote the campaign to a global student audience.

The competition received 225 entries over 82 days, with entries from 16 countries including but not limited to: the United Kingdom, Brazil, Malaysia, Honduras, Canada, Singapore and of course, Australia.

There is a level of risk common to video competitions such as this simply because they ask a lot of those who enter and this can sometimes alienate the audience. However, the campaign exceeded all expectations in terms of number and quality of entries, a testament to the strength of the proposition.

Pitch the course of the future is proof that a genuinely motivating idea with a well thought out reward, and marketed on the right platforms to the right audience, will be successful.

The Grand Prize winning entry came via Brazil from student, Matheus Saueressig who pitched a Biofabrication course of the future, combining production engineering and biotechnology capable of addressing both food production and health crisis.

All entries in the UWA Pitch the course of the future competition can be found at:

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