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SunSmart message hits home for Equilibrium team

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The importance of early skin cancer detection hit home this month for Equilibrium Digital Director, Stephen Dodge.

While at a client function an attending doctor diligently raised concern about a mole visible on Steve's arm; a mole that in fact had been checked and cleared in a skin cancer check less than a year earlier.

"I had a standard mole scan 10 months ago and there was no cause for concern then, however, since then obviously things had changed to the point that this friendly doctor recommended I seek medical attention for it immediately," he said.

Quickly acting on this recommendation Steve, who is 36, soon found out the 'spot' in question was in fact a melanoma and subsequently had it removed.

"Had I not had this interaction that day, the outcome could have well been vastly different for me given how rapidly the melanoma was changing," he said.

Returning to work, Steve issued a directive to all staff at Equilibrium to take some time during the working week to go and have their moles checked. As a result, Wade, one of the agency's developers, soon learned he too had some cause for concern in the form of a sunspot on his nose.

"The spot was removed and while it has left a temporary mark, Wade was extremely grateful that it was picked up now. Otherwise it could have gone undetected for quite some time.

"We all know it is important to keep an eye on moles for changes, but we are all guilty of being perhaps a little too relaxed about it.

"We've all learned a really powerful lesson about how rapidly things can change if you don't seek the right care. We now encourage all our staff to self examine monthly and look for any changes, as well as seeking out a doctor to perform a thorough check at least once a year.

"It has been a real eye opener! Early detection is a simple and essential message and one that all of us at Equilibrium are really committed to sharing," said Steve.

Equilibrium recommends visiting the Cancer Council Western Australia website for further information and access to resources:

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