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State of Inbound 2016 Part 2: Inbound Marketing

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The state of inbound 2016 - Summary - Part 2

Summary by David O'Donnell
Inbound Marketing Director

In this second part of the state of inbound we have a closer look at inbound marketing trends and why outbound marketing is considered the most overrated marketing tactic.

Global Inbound

"Globally, marketers in NAM (North America) and ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) have the most faith in their organisation's marketing strategy. Just over half of respondents in SEA (Southeast Asia) and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) expressed confidence in their strategy."

When the respondents with confidence in their marketing strategy were isolated, and compared inbound organisations against outbound organisations, inbound teams reported being more strategically effective when compared to outbound organisations.

Global inbound

"The majority of strategically effective organisations use inbound marketing."

In Australia and New Zealand 66% of organisations are confident in their marketing strategy, and 64% of these are inbound marketing organisations.

Generating traffic and leads is the number one challenge in Australia and New Zealand.

Generating leads and proving ROI are universal challenges across geographies.

Key differences relate to website management, targeting international audiences, training and hiring.

All marketing teams globally prioritise converting their leads into customers.

In terms of inbound marketing priorities, in Australia and New Zealand SEO and increasing organic reach are of highest priority.

On the sales side, nearly a third of respondents in ANZ were on the search for a new CRM. When the survey looked at how much time sales teams are spending on data entry a day, a staggering 37% of ANZ sales teams spend at least an hour a day manually entering data. Therefore, it is not surprising that 31% of organizations in ANZ want to find a new CRM.

The biggest challenge facing ANZ sales teams is with qualifying leads; and telephone continues to be the most productive sales channel. However, 46% of sales teams say connecting with leads via phone is their biggest challenge today versus two or three years ago.

How Different Industries View Inbound

Industry-specific adoption of inbound sees ecommerce (89%), marketing agencies (84%), and software (78%) companies leading the charge with inbound strategy and tactics.

Primary approach to marketing

The industries with high adoption of inbound marketing also have highly aligned sales and marketing teams: 28% of ecommerce companies, 31% of marketing agencies, and 20% of software companies have an SLA.

Primary approach to marketing

Common across most industries, the top sales priority for the next 12 months is closing more deals. Some then prioritise making the sales funnel more efficient while others focus on reducing the length of the sales cycle or training.

Top marketing priorities vary by industry, but most are focused on either converting leads to customers or growing overall traffic to their website.

Overrated Marketing Tactics

(It's outbound marketing!)

"Outbound marketing (paid advertising) is considered the most overrated marketing tactic. Regardless of what kind of marketer you are or where you're from, outbound marketing is always most overrated."

Most overrated marketing tactic

Based on respondent seniority, paid outbound advertising is still the most overrated, but managers are more skeptical about social media, while VPs are slightly more likely to dislike PR/analyst relations tactics. VPs are also least likely to think SEO, email marketing, or sales enablement is overrated.

In our next post we'll continue with the State of Inbound Part 3: The Future of Marketing.

See also State of Inbound Part 1: Sales & Marketing.

Credit: All images from HubSpot's State of Inbound 2016 report.

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