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Marketing Automation Demystified: Free eBook

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Marketing Automation Demystified

“Marketing Automation”: it’s not just another content buzzword, it’s a must have tool. But what is it, exactly?

Equilibrium’s Digital Marketing team has compiled a comprehensive eBook, Marketing Automation Demystified, to do just as the title suggests: explain the who, what, how and why of this emerging technology.

Here’s a quick insight into what you can expect from the eBook…

Marketing automation platforms are designed to manage and optimise the performance of marketing campaigns at scale, ultimately improving efficiencies and return on investment.

These platforms offer a centralised place to manage the marketing campaigns that generate leads for your business. Once you’ve captured a lead, marketing automation works to nurture them and help turn leads into long term customers.

In Marketing Automation Demystified we’ll unpack the concept, the scope and benefits for your business, but for now let’s get a sense of the 1,000-foot view.

Marketing automation is more than just drip email campaigns, and it won’t automate all your marketing tasks making marketers redundant.

It will, however, reduce the need to manually manage multi-channel campaigns, improving efficiencies and allow you to spend more your time on strategy and optimisation.

What: Marketing automation is software that typically lives ‘in the cloud’ and is therefore always accessible via an internet browser.

How: It streamlines, automates and measures marketing.

Why: So marketers improve marketing efficiencies and ROI.

Who: Any business that needs to generate leads at volume.

When: Right now. Marketing automation is “the next big thing” in marketing and is building momentum in Australia. So the opportunity to be among the first, real movers in the space is yours for the taking!

For more, you’ll have to download the eBook, or contact us!

Marketing Automation Demystified

For more information contact:

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Equilibrium | Inbound Marketing Director
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