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8 Essential Elements of Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Digital marketing tools

Did you know that most effective digital marketing campaigns feature eight essential elements?

Here are the most useful and actionable digital marketing tools you should taking advantage of in your next digital marketing campaign:


Data-driven campaigns are smart, optimised campaigns. There are a great number of analytic tools on the market today, free and paid; to help you measure your campaign performance from acquisition to close, across all marketing assets.


Thanks largely to the rise and rise of social media marketing, email marketing got a bit of a bad rap; but it’s back, better than ever and playing a huge role in content marketing strategy today. When it comes to email marketing, email tracking is an asset to any campaign: know the second a lead opens an email, send a perfectly timed follow-up, and close deals faster than ever. Email tracking eliminates the element of guess work and makes it easier to maximise your return on investment in this channel.

Social Media

It is no surprise that social media forms a crucial part of any digital marketing campaign. Strategically, we know it is all about engagement; logistically, it is all about streamlining processes so marketers can focus on the engagement part, rather than getting bogged down in operational minutia. There are a large number of social media management tools available, HubSpot for example, offering an integrated suite of management tools, from monitoring and automated publishing, through to reporting and everything in between. It all boils down to less time doing, more time engaging.

Optimised Content

Making use of quality content within an optimised content management system will drive results in any digital marketing campaign. Investment in the production of personalised content means a more meaningful user experience, and ultimately, a better performing website.

There are tools available that can help tailor your content to individual website visitors based on demographics, psychographics, or any detail stored in your database. The more you know, the better you can personalise your content and enhance campaign engagement with the right audiences.


Proving ROI is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today. Now more than ever it is important to track the ROI of your Facebook, AdWords, and LinkedIn advertising with precision and accuracy. Of course, tracking is about more than proving return, similarly to analytics it is about knowing what is working and what isn’t so you can optimise your offering.

Landing pages

Being able to responsively design and create campaign landing pages is an asset in any digital campaign. More often than not, marketers are put off by cost or technology or the sheer size of the task; however, there are platforms available to take the sting out of this process. Providers like HubSpot make it easy to create professional looking landing pages, quickly and without having to employ designers or IT.

Calls To Action

When a lead lands on your page, what are you saying to them? Personalised call to actions use any detail from your database, for example: persona, industry, lifecycle stage, and more to move leads further down the funnel. To do this really well, be sure to use a management platform that allows you to A/B test, analyse and optimise your CTAs.

A Customer Relationship Management Tool

A CRM is about managing your pipeline by automating tasks and creating high visibility and greater organisation for everyone involved in the process. From sorting sales, to logging activity and integration with supporting platforms, marketers can access everything they need to run an efficient and effective campaign all in the once place.


Stand alone, these eight elements seem like a big ask for any marketer! Fortunately, there is marketing automation software available that packages this up and makes it infinitely more actionable.

Marketing automation is software that, as the name suggests, automates key actions across multiple channels: such as email, social media and other website actions. It is fast becoming one of the most valuable tools available to modern day marketers.

Platforms, like HubSpot, deliver improved efficiency, greater control and intelligent marketing strategies that work, with high level analytic and reporting capacities so marketers can prove return down to the channel, message, creative, even keyword!

To learn more about marketing automation, download our Marketing Automation Demystified eBook.

Marketing Automation Demystified

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