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4 Digital Marketing Trends On The Rise

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As we continue to march through 2017, expect to continue to see game-changing opportunities and exciting developments play a big part in marketing strategies in our quickly changing market.

While there is no shortage of opportunities available, we have drilled down to the top four in our cross-hairs:

Increased adoption of Marketing Automation

The word is out on the wide-ranging benefits of marketing automation, and now that the early adoption jitters are out of the system, we can reasonably expect to see it being more readily engaged in 2017.

For more on marketing automation and what it could do for your brand, download the Marketing Automation Demystified eBook.

The rise and rise of mobile

We don't "surf the net" on desktop anymore; we're a mobile first culture. Mobile consumption and usage has never been higher. If you're marketing offering does not accommodate the mobile user, then you are missing a massive opportunity. It's not a new message, but it bears repeating: if you've not made moves to mobile, you best get on board.

Make sure your site is 'mobile friendly', try running it through Google's Mobile Friendly Test here.

Social advertising is here to stay

Facebook advertising is actually forecast to slow compared to previous pacing due to reaching maximum "ad load"; but investment in advertising on other social platforms is expected to increase. Analysts are projecting 26.3% increase to global social media ad spend, meaning total spend will likely exceed $35billion.

Marketers are looking beyond Facebook and identifying opportunities to meaningfully engage key markets (particularly the youth market) on high growth platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn (to a lesser extent Pinterest and Twitter).

Video: the next frontier

It's no secret video is where it is at for social media marketers right now. In fact, Forbes says 95% of content on Facebook right now is video, with mobile video growing five times faster than desktop (reinforcing the need to invest in mobile!).

With social media platforms reorganising to better accommodate video (see: Instagram Stories and Facebook Live), we are going to see a whole lot more live broadcasting going forward.

Shrewd marketers have well and truly got the memo and will be actively exploring ways to incorporate video into their marketing strategy this year.

Marketing Automation Demystified

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